Music Video Publishing

Would you like your music video PUBLISHED and FEATURED in our MUSIC VIDEOS section, and have it SEEN BY at least 4000 PEOPLE GUARANTEED?

If you answered yes… please follow the simple instructions below.

1.) The video has to be ‘A MUSIC VIDEO”.

JEI Network only accepts, promote and publish music videos in our “music video” section.

Independent music videos are OK to submit.

2.) Music Videos need to be is LESS THAN 10 MINUTES in total running time. Please make sure your music videos is less than 10 minutes long for better results.
3.) Video format has to be a YouTube UPLOADED VIDEO.”

Please make sure your video is uploaded on YouTube.

Thank you!



Yes, there is a one-time $35 service charge (per-video) published | featured (If at least 4000 people fail to watch your video with in 7 Days of it being publish, we will give you your MONEY BACK, GUARANTEED).

This fee is to HELPS US cover hosting costs, space, graphic designer. Once we receive your submission and contribution / payment, your video will be published within 24 hours after submission. An e-mail notification will be sent to you when your video has been published on our site. (THIS PRICE WILL BE GOING UP SOON as more traffic/visitors come to our site.)

WE GUARANTEE you a minimum of FOUR THOUSAND (4000) people (REAL HUMANS), will WATCH YOUR your VIDEO in 7 days.

What will you get from us???

We will feature and promote your video for 48 hours in the MUSIC VIDEO CATEGORY section of our JEI network website (That section receives over 1000 Visits a day).

Our founders TWITTER PAGES@realjjewels (over 50K Followers), also his Instagram page (@realjjewels page for 24 hours), our company twitter page @jeinetwork (over 1500 followers) and Instagram page (@thejeinetwork page with no expiration limit).
FACEBOOK PAGEjeinetwork (over 10,000 members).
FACEBOOK GROUPjewelsincfamily (Over 4500 members including our partners sites (Suzy Smooth).


After the 48 hour Music Video Publishing campaign is over, all your info and video will remain on our site and you can continue to direct people to your info. The page will remain on our site FREE for the LIFE of our site. We will no longer direct full attention or traffic towards that page. If after the 48 Hour Music Video Publishing campaign you want to focus more on such things as E-mail Blasts, radio campaigns and more we can discuss it at that point in time, or you can visit our Radio | Video marketing & promotion Services.



If you are ready for us to help drive traffic to your video, please CONTRIBUTE and HELPS US cover hosting costs, space, graphic designer right now by clicking the paypal pay Now Button.

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