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We provide the ultimate in promotion for artists/bands, and Events. We pride ourselves in working hand in hand with each client to ensure your goals are met, meaning – Increase your exposure, generating radio play, and increasing your sales.

Do you need help getting your project exposed, or some extra attention? 
can create and implement a marketing plan for you that can garner undeniable results at radio, retail stores and in the mass media.

JEI PROMO TEAMS specializes in radio promotion, retail support, publicity, marketing campaigns, promotional tours (JEI BOOKING), paid dates and the creation of merchandise items and promotional products.

By querying JEI’s extensive databases of music lovers of all different music genres, and a strong street team, we are able to promote clients Event, Single, Album, and Concert directly to the targeted audience, in any city, at any time.

We will create a marketing plan that is exclusively tailored to your needs. We can assist you in manufacturing your CD, selecting cover art, getting your project into the retail stores (chains, independents and mass merchants), creating visibility so your product will sell, servicing and tracking radio airplay, working with schools, promoters for the possibility of tour datesmass publicity in print, TV and internet. If you need point-of purchase items, or that special merchandising tool that will add visibility to your project, we can create that too!! No artist is too big or small – we can create a plan that brings results and fit your budget.

Our clients understand radio is the most complicated, and the most expensive, part of the Music Industry. In guarantee of accomplishing our client’s goals, JEI works also with independent radio, promoters, which also help with PR, gigs and retail, providing a large airplay campaign. Artist/gig portion of music our marketing is obtained by partnering with other entertainment agencies who also book gigs for you (good gigs can get you some PR too.)

JEI Marketing & Promotions is a division which consists of a Record label, PR firm, music manager, music publishing company, street promotion, Celebrity/DJ/entertainment booking agency, and on-line and off line music magazines all parts of the “mass media” wheel that generates airplay, publicity, gigs and record (CD) sales. All of which can be used by Artist/Bands to get a record deal.

Toward the end of your campaign Artist/Bands will have the opportunity to decide if they want to keep as much of it in-house as possible and create their own operation. This option is more realistic than you can imagine, That’s if you choose to remain in the business for a long period of time.For the retail part of your campaign, JEI works with retail promoters, and music distribution companies.

Note!!! With no retail promotion, Artist/band will have no sales. Regardless of how much radio play.


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