JEI works with a variety of people from businesses, night clubs, to Artist/Bands, product launch, and more. We are a solution provider. 

Director of Marketing: Sue

Our single-minded goal is to help your company, business, or individual grow and become profitable.

We are dedicated to helping our clients get what they are looking for and create a public awareness from their products, store location, music, products and more through our knowledge and contacts in radio, TV, Internet, retail promotion, chart appearance, magazines, and innovated marketing/promotion techniques including Guerrilla Style. We will custom design your campaign within our media, radio, TV, as well as Social Media and internet divisions to increase your overall exposure.

JEI NETWORK consists of some the most visited Independent sites on the net! People from all around the globe visit our “” portal on a daily basis.

JEI has a strong presence in United States , Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand (Aotearoa), Japan, Faeroe Islands, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Finland, Italy, Israel, Ireland, Mexico, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, France, Poland, Sweden, Tuvalu, Taiwan, and Chile, Zambia, New Estonia, Colombia, Romania, Spain, Korea (South), United Arab Emirates, Old style Arpanet (arpa), Saudi Arabia, Australia) and More.

Through our Marketing, e-mail campaigns, Promotion, and Street Team we have gathered an extensive databases of music lovers of all different music genres, Event Planners, Business professionals, Night Club Goers etc.. Making JEI NETWORK. Capable of promoting clients targeted market, in any city, at any time.

JEI Provides effective, low-cost Internet advertising, street promotion, Social Media and Mobile Advertising. Advertisers can target specific audiences within the industry. Through banner advertising, street promotion, E-mail Blast (over 80,000 subscribers reached per blast), Mobile Advertising, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Posts, you can position your business to be top of mind when potential customers make that critical decision.

Product’s or services from advertising companies, Is Also Great Way to Brand Identity, In A Market That JEI and advertisers Occupy.

Our subscribers, followers and target audience are: 95%, 18+, And 5% 18 and under. 95% are trend-setting Individuals, who are constantly purchasing the Latest in music, fashion, cell phones, cars, stereo, rims, car accessories, technology, and more, which makes it an extremely desirable demographic, with high disposable Incomes and heavy spending each year. Our marketing and promotions team focuses on High Schools and college-aged consumers which Is reinvigorated each year as students enter over 200 plus Colleges and Universities in New England alone.

Our Mass Media Department consist of more than the average media wheel, we also specialize In the production, TALENT BOOKING for models, TV personalities, movie stars major platinum selling artists, web marketing, street promotion, venues services, radio airplay support, award winning DJ’s, sound system, obtaining Insurance for events, hotel, plane reservation, and ground transportation by the means of limousine, or SUV rental’s for Talents.

The capacity of venues In some cases smaller budget events, at such location’s as night club’s, with a capacity of 250 to 5000 + people. Promotions provided by JEI are guaranteed to reach millions of listeners for every event. Promotion for events consist of: Flyers, social media posts, radio commercial’s on some of the biggest radio station’s In the state, Newspaper ad’s, ticket give away, free CD’s (plus downloads), T-shirts, hats, pens handed out. We also hold contest give away’s, at several of the biggest night clubs In such city’s as Boston, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, and more, All of which direct audience to our web site.